Pasture raised pork

The Benefits of Pasture Raised Pork

Our goal with the pigs is to restore overgrown areas of the farm to pasture. We have some fields that have started returning to woods and the pigs help us by rooting up small trees and shrubs. We move them to a new fenced-in area periodically so they don't tear up the ground too much.

Besides limiting damage to the land, rotating their paddocks gives them access to fresh plants to eat and helps with overall cleanliness of the animals. We feed the pigs a varied diet including fruits and vegetables, yogurt, spent brewer's grain and bakery products.

Their meat tends to be less lean than what you'll find in a grocery store. This makes for juicier pork chops and roasts and good bacon and sausage. And if you get a whole or half pig from us, you'll have fat for making lard, if you're into that kind of DIY kitchen activity.

Buying Pork

We offer pork for sale either as whole/half pigs or as individual cuts of meat.

Whole and half pigs

Purchasing a whole or half pig will save you money and let you decide what cuts you want. Do you prefer lots of sausage and roasts? Or would you rather have every cut the butcher knows, with lots of smoked cuts. However you want it, ordering a whole or half pig lets you customize to suite your preferences.

A whole pig will produce between 125 to 160 lbs of meat, depending on the size of the pig. A half pig will obviously be half of that or about 60 to 80 lbs.

We charge $5/lb of hanging weight which is the weight of the pig before breaking it down into the cuts you selected. This will come out to about $6-8/lb of actual meat, depending on how you get the pig cut up.

Smoking is an additional $2/lb.


See our deposit page to reserve your whole or half pig for the fall.

You might find this site informative if you're considering ordering a whole/half pig.

Individual cuts of meat

If you don't want or need a whole or half pig we also sell many popular cuts of pork, sausage and bacon. All our meat comes vacuum sealed and frozen from the butcher.

Pork chops - $10/lb

Bacon - $11/lb

Ground Chorizo Sausage - $9/lb

Ground pork - $8/lb

Spare ribs - $8/lb

Tenderloin - $16/lb

Bone-in Boston Butt - $8/lb

Ham Steaks - $11/lb

Other items priced as marked

We often have various other cuts available, including hard to find items like trotters and leaf lard - just ask!

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