Pasture raised Eggs

Why Pasture Raised Eggs?

When hens are given access to fresh pasture they can forage for part of their diet and get healthy exercise. The bulk of their calories come from the grain we feed them but they get valuable micronutrients from the pasture. We like to think of the pasture as their multivitamin.

Besides the benefits to the hens, we like raising them on pasture for the copious amount of manure they deposit on our fields. For now this nitrogen-rich manure helps our Christmas trees grow but we hope to benefit from the excess grass growth with ruminants in the future.

Pasture raised eggs have darker, creamier yolks and have been shown to have higher levels of certain fat-soluble vitamins and Omega-3 fatty acids.

We think once you try our eggs you'll be convinced pasture raised eggs are the best!

We sell them from our self-serve farm stand for $5/dozen.

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