About Double Jay Farm

Double Jay Farm is a small diverse family-run farm in Sanbornton, New Hampshire. We are just beginning on our mission to provide sustainable and healthy food for our community and our family.


Come visit the farm this summer to get your fresh veggies and eggs then come back in the fall to stock up your freezer with pasture raised pork and buy a Christmas tree from the Bodwell Tree Farm (with whom we are co-located).


What we grow

Meat, Eggs and Veggies

Pastured Pork

We are raising four Hampshire-Tamworth crosses for sale as whole or half pigs as well as having all your favorite cuts of meat for sale individually.

See our pork page for more information.

Pastured Eggs

We have pastured-raised eggs for sale. Our hens get fresh pasture each day so they can forage for some of their diet. Besides what they forage for they are fed organic grain.

See our page on pastured eggs for more information.

Organic Vegetables

We'll have an assortment of seasonal vegetables available spring through fall. Expect to find tasty varieties not grown by many others.

See our vegetable page for a list of all the vegetables we grow.

Contact Us

603 534 7098

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